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2017 May 8 minutes

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Phyllis Savoy

Joined: 09 Feb 2007
Posts: 53

PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2017 9:05 am    Post subject: 2017 May 8 minutes Reply with quote

MAY 8, 2017


The Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the Village of Loreauville, Louisiana, met in regular session on Monday, May 8, 2017, beginning at 6:30 P.M. at the Loreauville Town Hall.

There were present: Brad Clifton, Mayor
Eric Borne, Alderman
Joseph J. DeCourt, Alderman
Sandy Sonnier, Alderman

Absent: None

Also Present: Phyllis B. Savoy, Clerk
Dean Wattigny, attorney
Mrs. Catherine Wattigny
T. J. Savoy, Sellers & Associates, Inc.
Coach Rob Segura, LHS
Coach Jude, LHS
Coach Paul Reed, LHS
Mrs. Karen Bashay, LHS Principle
Brenda Berard, citizen
Margaret Bonin, citizen
Dana Dugas, IPSB Dist. 9
Amanda Towers, LHS parent
Hannah Towers, LHS
Mia Romero, LHS
Connor Walet, LHS
Sha'juan Nora, LHS
Oscar Latorre, LHS
Dale Sonnier, LHS
Greg Bodin, LHS
Misty Sonnier, citizen
Raymond Bergeron, citizen
Kavin Dressel, FNB
Corey Vaughn, Daily Iberian

A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order by Mayor Brad Clifton.

All members were present.

The prayer was led by Mr. Sonnier.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mr. Borne.

The Mayor opened the public comment period. There being none the Mayor closed the comment period.

It was moved by Mr. Borne, seconded by Mr. DeCourt, and carried to dispense with the reading of the April 10, 2017 minutes and to adopt them as written.

The mayor read and presented congratulatory letters to Mrs. Karen Bashay, LHS principal; LHS Softball and LHS Baseball teams.

It was moved by Mr. Borne, seconded by Mr. DeCourt and carried to adopt Resolution No. 05-08-2017, which sets the 2017 millage rates for general city tax (5.080 mills) and sewerage tax (5.000 mills) at a total of 10.080 mills as follows:

RESOLUTION No. 05-08-2017

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following millages are hereby levied on the 2017
tax roll on all property subject to taxation by the Village of Loreauville, Louisiana:
General Alimony 5.080 mills
Sewerage Works 5.000 mills
Total Millage 10.080 mills
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the proper administrative officials of the Parish of Iberia, State of Louisiana, be and they are hereby empowered, authorized, and directed to spread said taxes, as hereinabove set forth, upon the assessment roll of said Parish for the year 2017, and to make the collection of the taxes imposed for and on behalf of the taxing authority, according to law, and that the taxes herein levied shall become a permanent lien and privilege on all property subject to taxation as herein set forth, and collection thereof shall be enforceable in the manner provided by law.
The foregoing resolution was read in full, the roll was called on the adoption thereof, and the resolution was adopted by the following votes:
YEAS: Mr. Borne, Mr. DeCourt, Mr. Sonnier
NAYS: None

It was moved by Mr. Sonnier, seconded by Mr. Borne and carried to adopt Resolution No. 05-08-2017 A which gives the Mayor the authority to execute all documents with D.O.T.D. for the Ed Broussard Rd. sidewalk improvement project as follows:
RESOLUTION NO. 05-08-2017 A
Whereas, The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) has funding appropriated out of the Highway Trust Fund to finance improvement projects under the direction of DOTD's administration; and
Whereas, The Village of Loreauville has been chosen to receive a portion of funding from the Highway Trust Fund; and
Whereas, The Secretary of DOTD is in need of Board of Aldermen approval for the Village of Loreauville's Chief Executive Officer to execute an agreement between DOTD, the Village and the Acadiana Planning Commission for this funding:
Now Therefore Be It Resolved, the Board of Aldermen hereby authorizes the Mayor of the Village of Loreauville, Brad Clifton, to execute all documents on behalf of the Village of Loreauville for State Project No. H.012016. F.A.P. No. H01206 Ed Broussard Rd. Sidewalks, Route LA 86, Iberia Parish which will be for the construction of minimum 5' sidewalks along the south side of Ed Broussard Rd. from LA 86 East to Loreauville Elementary (approximately 2300') which will connect to the current sidewalk on LA 86 in Loreauville, Iberia Parish, Louisiana.

It was moved by Mr. Sonnier, seconded by Mr. DeCourt to adopt Resolution No. 05-08-2017 B which approving the Teche Project application for grant application as follows:
RESOLUTION NO. 05-05-8-2017 B

WHEREAS, the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) Transportation Act provides funds to the State of Louisiana for grants to federal, state, local government agencies, non-profit organizations and commercial entities to acquire, develop and/or maintain motorized and non-motorized trails; and
WHEREAS, the FHWA Recreational Trails Program for Louisiana (FRTPL) has been delegated the responsibility for the administration of the program within the state and setting up necessary procedures governing project application under the program; and
WHEREAS, these regulations require an application to have a resolution of support from the local governmental body of the jurisdiction in which the proposed project is located;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Village of Loreauville does hereby endorse and support the application being submitted to the FRTPL by The TECHE Project.

The Mayor read the Proclamation designating May as Older American Month as follows:

WHEREAS, The Village of Loreauville Includes older Americans who richly contribute to our community; and
WHEREAS, We acknowledge that what it means "to age" has changed for the better; and
WHEREAS, The Village of Loreauville is committed to supporting older adults as they take charge of their health, explore new opportunities and activities, and focus on independence; and
WHEREAS, The Village of Loreauville can provide opportunities to enrich the lives of individuals of all ages by:
• Involving older adults in the redefinition of aging in our community;
• Promoting home and community-based services that support independent living;
• Encouraging older adults to speak up for themselves and others; and
• Providing opportunities for older adults to share their experiences.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Brad M. Clifton, Mayor of the Village of Loreauville, Louisiana, do hereby proclaim the month of May, 2017 as


In the Village of Loreauville, Louisiana and urge every resident to take time during this month to acknowledge older adults and the people who serve them as influential and vital parts of our community.

The Mayor read the Proclamation designating May as Mental Health Month as follows:
Mental Health Month 2017

WHEREAS, mental health is essential to everyone’s overall health and well-being; and
WHEREAS, mental illnesses are real and prevalent in our nation, and half of us will have a mental health diagnosis at some point in our lives; and
WHEREAS, all Americans experience times of difficulty and stress in their lives, and should feel comfortable in seeking help and support to manage these times; and
WHEREAS, engaging in prevention, early identification, and early intervention are as effective ways to reduce the burden of mental illnesses as they are to reduce the burden of other chronic conditions; and
WHEREAS, there is a strong body of research that identifies behavioral health risks and supports specific tools that all Americans can use to protect their health and well-being; and
WHEREAS, with effective treatment, all individuals with mental illnesses – even serious mental illnesses - can make progress toward recovery and lead full, productive lives; and
WHEREAS, jails and prisons have often become the default places of custodial care for even nonviolent people with serious mental illnesses; and
WHEREAS, each business, school, government agency, healthcare provider, organization and citizen has a responsibility to promote mental health and well-being for all.
THEREFORE, I, Brad Clifton, Mayor of the Village of Loreauville, do hereby proclaim May 2017 as
"Mental Health Month"
in Loreauville. As the Mayor of the Village of Loreauville, I also call upon the citizens, government agencies, public and private institutions, businesses and schools in Loreauville to recommit our community to increasing awareness and understanding of mental health, the steps our citizens can take to protect their mental health, and the need for appropriate and accessible services for all people with mental illnesses at all stages.

After the Mayor read the Proclamation, Mrs. Catherine Wattigny spoke briefly on the Mental Health function which will be held on May 23, 2017 at 6:00 PM in the East Main Street Library in New Iberia. The Iberia Mental Health Initiative, Inc. is sponsoring the event. This organization is non-profit and has just received their 501-3c status. Mrs. Wattigny invited everyone to share this information with the public.

After discussion, the following ordinance amendment was introduced in writing:

Sec. 10-11.- Repealed
Sec. 10- 12.- Controlled fire or open burning.
A controlled fire or open burning of leaves, trash and yard debris, such as pine needles, pine cones, shrubs, brush and cut timber in Loreauville shall not be a violation of this chapter if the following guidelines are adhered to:
(1) The fire area shall not be greater than eight feet in diameter;
(2) The height of burning materials shall not be greater than four feet;
(3) Burning shall only occur between sunrise and one hour before sunset;
(4) The fire site shall not be unattended;
(5) A functional water hose shall be located next to the fire site; and
(6) The fire sites shall be located at least ten feet from the nearest property line.
(7) There shall be no more than one fire site per home site or parcel of land.
(8 The fire site shall be located at least 50 feet from any structure, if nearer than 50 feet from a structure a container must be used.
Sec. 10-13. - Recreational fires.
Recreational fires will be allowed after dark. The fire shall not be greater than four feet in diameter. The height of the burning material shall not be greater than four feet.
Sec. 10-14. - Violation.
A violation of any of the above restrictions shall result in the fire site being considered a fire hazard under this chapter.
Sec. 10-15. - Compliance with notice to abate fire hazard required. Any person served with a notice to abate a fire hazard shall comply therewith promptly and inform the appropriate fire chief of such compliance.

Notice is being given there will be a public hearing on the above ordinance amendment at the next regular meeting. It is anticipated the ordinance will be adopted at this meeting. The public is invited to attend.

The Mayor briefed the board on the invoice from Babineaux Plumbing in the amount of $3,810 for drainage improvements of which some of the work had been done. However, Mayor Clifton said the work is not officially completed yet, so asked to board to hold the payment until Babineaux is able to finish the culvert work. It was determined payment would be held until everything is completed. Mayor Clifton will call Mr. Rodney Babineaux again to remind him to complete the project.

The Mayor reported on the backflow prevention assemblies the commercial customers are now having to install. this is being enforced by LAWCO. No action taken.

The clerk reported on the utility payment plan in effect due to the August 2016 flooding. Iberia Parish was one of the designated disaster areas therefore customers were not disconnected and penalties were not charged on any utility billings since August. She explained if a customer had a past due balance on their March invoice LAWCO established the payment plan for various time frames depending on the amount the customer owed LAWCO and the village. The revenues will definitely be affected in this fiscal year so the budget will need to be amended to reflect this decrease in funds. The clerk's concern is with tenants that have left without paying their bills. In the past the village collected from the landlord so the next person coming in could receive utilities. After discussion, it was determined unpaid tenant sewer utility bills would be sent to the landlords for payment just as had been done in the past.

Mrs. T.J. Savoy presented a drawing on the drainage renovation at 511 N. Main which would change it to an open drainage. She has received one price from Southern Constructors which she feels is a fair price for the job. After discussion, it was moved by Mr. DeCourt, seconded by Mr. Borne to hire Southern Constructors to change the drainage catch basin at 511 N. Main St. for the amount of $3,500.

The Mayor reported on the next phase of drainage improvement projects he would like to do and he asked the board if they had any areas needing attention. After he suggested the areas needing attention, it was moved by Mr. Sonnier, seconded by Mr. DeCourt and carried to authorize the mayor to begin getting prices from contractors for drainage improvements on Lake Dauterive Rd. and to bring this to the next meeting. The project would begin near the car wash and work back towards North Braquet and also follow the old railroad track boundary. The village has approximately $138,000 in drainage surplus.

Mayor Clifton re-visited the idea of hiring a village street worker, and he led discussion on hiring for a 30 hour work week with no benefits as a start. He feels the trustee system is beginning to run into rough spots and perhaps a three - 10 hour a day work week would allow someone to work for the village part time and continue to do their other responsibilities easily. We need someone to cut grass, clean sewer screens and basic maintenance. The mayor will continue to help out on the street on Fridays. Having our own employee would take the pressure off should the trustees not be able to come to Loreauville. Mr. Sonnier spoke about the budget and the funding for a worker. He would like to see a sample budget with the position funded at 30 hours since the one he reviewed was a 40 hour sample. After a little more discussion on the advertisement for a village opening, it was moved by Mr. Borne, seconded by Mr. Sonnier and carried to create the position of a part time village maintenance employee; to authorize the mayor to take applications and to determine the hourly rate of either $12 or $15 based upon the experience of the applicant he decides to hire.

The Mayor reported the village was offered to continue in the garbage, curbside debris removal contract with the parish having the current service to continue as usual other than recycling. The only difference in these two services is the village will be paying for the curbside debris removal. Curbside recycling will go away but recycling will be offered through the parish at various drop-off locations in the area. It was moved by Mr. Sonnier, seconded by Mr. DeCourt and carried to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with Iberia Parish and Waste Connections for household garbage pickup and curbside debris removal and to authorize the mayor to sign the necessary documents for this agreement. The monthly fee is $4,602.71 or $13.99 a month per household.

The mayor's report began with a resignation was received from Mr. Mark Senette from the Playground Board. The position needs to be filled and he received a phone call from Kavin Dressel who offered his time for any appointment the village may need. Mayor Clifton asked the board to approve appointing Mr. Dressel to this board.

It was moved by Mr. Sonnier, seconded by Mr. DeCourt and carried to accept the resignation from Mark Senette and to appoint Kavin Dressel to the Iberia Parish Recreation and Playground Board.

The remainder of the Mayor's report consisted of Iberia Crime Stoppers being open for business and on the judging for State Cleanest City on the morning of May 5, 2017. We still don't know if the village won State.

The Clerk presented her monthly financial reports and an update on the sewer leaks on private property. Follow-up has helped to get the leaks repaired. Also, the Mayor reported Barry Segura with Iberia Parish Sewer District No. 1 will show us how to repair the majority of the village leaks at the manholes.

The Aldermen had no reports.

Mr. Wattigny reported on a phone call from Mayor Clifton asking Mr. Wattigny to check into the annexation process. The general information he obtained regarding the area to annex can be handled in several ways:
1st A written assent from the majority voters and property owners of 25% of the property can be obtained.
2nd By ordinance the majority of the voters in a special election.
3rd Residents petition to be annexed.
There are other items that would need to be addressed such as the overlapping of taxes with the parish, taking over maintenance of a parish road and the perimeter would need to be contiguous. The Mayor said the areas being looked at are to make the boundaries of the village corporate limits more square. He is looking at Cestia Drive and along the South Main St. bayou parcels. Mr. Sonnier reported he had looked at annexation years ago but stopped due to the difficulty of dealing with Union Pacific Railroad Co.

Mr. Jefferies was not in attendance. Mayor Clifton will ask Joel Dugas the village representative on the Iberia Parish Council to attend the next meeting.

The Mayor read the following: "Notice is being given the 2017-2018 budget for fiscal year ending June 30, 2018 will be presented at the next meeting. It is anticipated the budget will be adopted at this meeting. The budget is available for public review Monday-Friday between the hours of 8 AM -Noon. The public is invited to review the budget and to attend the meeting."

The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, June 12, 2017 beginning at 6:30 PM at the Loreauville Town Hall.

It was moved unanimously to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 7:55 P.M.

Phyllis Savoy
Village of Loreauville, LA
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