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2017, March 13 minutes

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Phyllis Savoy

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:43 am    Post subject: 2017, March 13 minutes Reply with quote

MARCH 13, 2017


The Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the Village of Loreauville, Louisiana, met in regular session on Monday, beginning at 6:30 P.M. at the Loreauville Town Hall.

There were present: Brad Clifton, Mayor
Eric Borne, Alderman
Joseph J. DeCourt, Alderman
Sandy Sonnier, Alderman

Absent: None

Also present: Phyllis B. Savoy, Clerk
Dean Wattigny, attorney
Gene Jefferies, Port commissioner
T.J. Savoy, Sellers & Associates, Inc.
Scott Ransonet, Levee Board representative

A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order by Mayor Brad Clifton.

The prayer was led by Mr. Sonnier.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mr. Borne.

It was moved by Mr. Sonnier, seconded by Mr. Borne, and carried to dispense with the reading of the February 13 regular and February 21 special meeting minutes and to adopt them as written.

There were no public comments.

Mayor Clifton asked Mrs. T. J. Savoy to present the following resolution and the environmental audit report to the board which is our annual report and resolution to DEQ. It was moved by Mr. Sonnier, seconded by Mr. Borne, and carried to adopt the following resolution:

WHEREAS, the Village of Loreauville’s Louisiana Water Discharge Permit
requires that an annual environmental audit report be prepared for the Village's wastewater treatment and collection system; and
WHEREAS, the Municipal Water Pollution Prevention Environmental Audit
Report for the period from January 2016 through December 2016 has been completed; and
WHEREAS, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen have reviewed the Municipal
Water Pollution Environmental Audit Report which is attached to this resolution; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Board of
Aldermen of the Village of Loreauville to set forth the following actions necessary to
maintain the permit requirements contained in the Louisiana Water Discharge Permit
(LPDES) number LA0038440.

1. Continue to perform routine maintenance within the collection and
treatment system in order to comply with the permit requirements.

THEREUPON, the above resolution was duly adopted.

Mayor Clifton asked Mrs. T. J. Savoy to give a report on the WWTP update. She reported the final payment to JC Construction needs to be approved. It was moved by Mr. Borne, seconded by Mr. DeCourt to authorize final payment to JC Construction the contractor for the work done at the WWTP.

Mrs. T. J. Savoy presented the annual Main Street (Louisiana Highway 86) audit report to the Mayor who explained the reasoning this report began three years ago. The report has been amended every year so it shows the changes in Main Street for each year after each sugar cane hauling season. This report will help in showing D.O.T.D. Main Street road changes when the complete re-build of Main Street can be afforded by the State of Louisiana.

Mrs. T. J. Savoy reviewed the WWTP project costs and change orders which increased the difference of the original project cost ($390,000) increase to $441,935.02. There were items needing to be replaced once the sludge was pumped out of each tank. Some items needed rebuilding, however with other items it was more feasible to replace them.

Mr. Wattigny's opinion on the burn ordinance was presented to the board for discussion. The village cannot prohibit the burning of yard waste on a person's property for non commercial use as long as the property owner is in attendance with the burning yard waste at all times. Yard waste means leaves, grass, twigs, branches and vines. Burning of any other items cannot be allowed. The village can require a container or an incinerator be used to burn. The burning cannot be within 500 feet of a residence. Recreational burning including food preparation and burning in a fire pit or chimera is allowed. Discussion was held on the type and size of container the village should allow. Discussion was held on the smoke from a yard waste fire and limiting the size of the fire and size of the tree limbs that can be burnt. The leaves to be burnt should not be along a person's fenced property line as it would create too much smoke for neighbors. After discussion, the mayor requested the board send their ideas on a burn ordinance via email so Mr. Wattigny can put the ideas into ordinance format. It was also determined the LVFD input would be helpful.

Mayor Clifton requested discussion be held on converting the open grating drain near Mrs. Martha Louviere's house at 511 N. Main Street to an open type drain. Discussion determined this particular drain needs to be changed as leaves clog the drain quickly which causes N. Main to hold water which is almost completely across N. Main around the Tiger Inn. Mr. Sonnier asked that prices be given to fix this drain. Mayor Clifton asked Mrs. T. J. Savoy to assess the problem and obtain three quotes to fix it.

The mayor brought up discussion on the discontinuing of curbside debris removal and the solution to having a place for residents to bring their items. He presented the prices for a construction debris container to put at the WWTP plant. This container would be picked up monthly and access to it would be provided to the citizens once a month. The prices received are as follows: Waste Management $1,289; I-Dump $650; and Waste Connections $618. The mayor has made a request for inmate labor to help with debris removal also but has not received a definite answer from the Sheriff. After discussion on the funding for debris removal, it was moved by Mr. Sonnier, seconded by Mr. DeCourt and carried to authorize the following change for the Village of Loreauville fees on the LAWCO billings: The word Recycling will change to Waste Pickup and the amount will increase from $1.96 to $2.00. This change is effective immediately.

It was also determined the clerk would call for the container to be delivered once the current curbside debris contract is discontinued.

It was moved by Mr. DeCourt, seconded by Mr. Borne, and carried to issue approval to pay Judice Building Supply's invoice in the amount of $588.41 for yellow traffic paint and miscellaneous painting supplies.

It was moved by Mr. Sonnier, seconded by Mr. Borne, and carried to approve payment of emergency back flow preventer repairs by Babineaux's Plumbing at the WWTP. The two invoices are $2,002.29 and $955.94.

The mayor reported a correction from last meeting. The FY 2015-2016 grant is to replace old water mains not water well abandonment. No action taken.

The mayor had no update on the water line improvement project.

The mayor presented projected general fund budgets which have the price of a street employee salary. Each budget shows the anticipated amount needing to be transferred from the sales tax surplus to balance the budget if an employee is hired. The budget reports are for $10, $12, $15, or $18 per hour. He requested the board review the budgets and determine the amount of hours they would like an employee to work. Also, since the scope of work has changed from last year, he feels the age of the employee should be older than a high school student. Since grass cutting season is getting close, he asked the board to be prepared to take action on hiring a worker.

The mayor's report consisted of the Isle of Iberia calendar of events; April 1 is Family Fun Day and after the 5K run/1mile walk Dr. Rees and Shane Bernard will speak to kick off the Fun Day. He asked the board to come out and give a hand. Another clean-up day is set for Sunday, April 9, 2017 for the baseball players. Judging for Cleanest City is the afternoon of April 12.

The Aldermen had no reports.

The Clerk presented her monthly financial reports. She announced six properties have not paid the ad valorem tax and these will be sold online at tax sale if the owners do not clear the taxes.

Mr. Wattigny asked for clarification on enforcing the repairs to the private property sewer line leaks. These leaks were discovered through a smoke test by La. Rural Water Association. Certified letters were sent to the property owners asking for repairs to be made and the village be notified once the repairs were done. The deadline for the repairs is coming up soon and not all persons have fixed their leaks. After discussion, it was determined Mr. Wattigny would speak with Mr. John Raines, Iberia Parish Permitting Office to possibly enforce the repairs. However, Mr. Wattigny said the village can file a claim in court against the property owner and can collect through this means.

Mayor Clifton asked Mr. Scott Ransonet the Loreauville rep with the Iberia Parish Levee Board to address the council. Mr. Ransonet reported on the purpose for the Levee Board and the need to obtain funding to build a storm protection levee in Iberia Parish. A task force was created about three months ago to look at the various ways the funding could be obtained.

Mr. Jefferies said the Port is still in business and holding their own throughout the down turn in the economy.

Mayor Clifton made the following announcement: "Notice is being given a Public Meeting will be held on Monday, May 8, 2017, beginning at 6:30 PM at the Loreauville Town Hall, 103 S. Main Street, Loreauville for the purpose of adopting the 2017 millage rates. The public is invited to attend."

There being no further business, the mayor announced the next regular meeting will be held on Monday, April 10, 2017 at 6:30 PM.

It was moved by Mr. Borne, seconded by Mr. DeCourt and carried to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 7:45 P.M.
Phyllis Savoy
Village of Loreauville, LA
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