In Honor of Our Friend, Mr. Lester Miques

There are people in life that seem to have that special gift, that ability to make a difference, that little something that can make the most unhappiest person smile. . . that person was Lester Miques. The Village of Loreauville has lost a very dear friend to all. Mr Miques as he was known, was not just our local lawman, he was something more. A kind, gentle soul who really cared about all of us, and we really cared about him. He was family.

If I were to try to describe Mr. Miques, I would have to say he was alot like Andy Griffith. You see, Andy always handled every situation with sincere compassion and concern for people, and everything always turned out all right in the end. Lester was just like that. We were sure lucky to have him in our little village, he was a pillar of the community, a staple, a nail that helped hold it all together. He had an impact on our lives in one form or another and there could never be a replacement.

There were the acts of kindness that were both seen and unseen. I remember the time he found a family who didn't have a decent set of steps for their home. My father had a old concrete step that had been salvaged and wasn't going to use them. Mr. Miques asked me about them and told me about the family he was trying to help. I thought to myself, what a great person for trying to help someone in need, they don't have many like that anymore. One saturday morning, there was Mr. Miques, helping to load the steps onto a trailer. He shook my hand and told me thanks, I said no, thank you, that's a wonderful thing you're doing for that family. He was not one for the recognition of good deeds, he was just a guy who wanted to help make someone's life a little better. So now, somewhere in Loreauville, there's a family that can get into their home a lot easier today, and I'll bet they think of Mr. Miques literally, with every step they take. There are many more stories just like this one, stories that would take several pages to tell.

We will miss you Mr. Miques. Your stay with us was all too short, but in that short time you showed us how they still have good people in the world at a time when all you see is chaos on the news. We will miss you standing at the elementary school with the candy for the kids, a smile, and a wave. That wave meant alot to many people. I'm sure it made a persons saddest day, a little brighter. If there were more people like you out there, we would be all right.

May the Lord Bless You & Miss Penney, I know that heaven will be a safer place with you there, but always know that you made a difference to our little community, and that we cared about you, the way you cared about us.

Thanks for all you did, the waves, the smiles, and mostly, thanks for being you.

The Residents of The Village of Loreauville